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Professional Web Design Services, from Start to Finish

The actual look and functionality of your website matters, along with your content, your services, your brand, and your ability to perform up to the expectations of your own customers and clients. When your website is outdated, not only can it hurt your reputation with search engines, but it can also turn visitors away from your business. That can mean that any money that you put into online marketing will be hamstrung, and that you will eventually find that your reputation will be that of a company that doesn't follow trends or stay up to date on web tech. It's a hard thing to come back from, but it doesn't need to be an issue.

With our web design services, we aim to provide the top SEO services from the ground up. We look at all of the different aspects of web design, from simple structuring, to complex matters like site security and online commerce access, so that we can provide an experience that users will appreciate, and so that web search engines rank your site more highly as a result.

Building a Better Site
  • We can audit current sites, or build your site from scratch. Whether you're an online retailer, a consulting firm, or a non-profit organization, we're ready to start working with you on a site that reflects your organization and your goals. Our web design services are all performed with an eye on proper content marketing, placement, and the user experience, and we always check and double check our work against the very same standards that we use to determine SEO and social media success.

  • We know mobile matters, and that not every site has the right design to handle mobile devices. The current trend in web design is to provide responsive sites that can readjust to browser viewport sizes and media capabilities. Mobile users who find your site to be friendly to their device are more likely to bookmark, share, and buy from you than they would be from unoptimized and incompatible sites. That's why you need the mobile edge in the modern market, and that's what KONTOR can deliver.

  • We improve sites based on results as well. Through A-B testing, our own internal audits, feedback that we get from clients, and more, we don't just rest once we've designed your site. We continue to make improvements over time that can get you better rankings, better feedback, and improve the experience that your users have whenever they visit.

We're firmly committed to providing some of the very best web design services at some of the very best prices, especially when you choose us for your SEO and PPC marketing services as well. We can work with as much or as little web design as you need for your project, and have the expertise to provide web design for larger corporations, as much as small businesses. Get started by contacting our web design team today.