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Search Engine Marketing with Clear Results

The ability to successfully deliver SEM services relies on the ability to read current trends, adapt to changes when necessary, and to build a reputation on delivering results that our clients want to see. We've grown into one of the most effective SEM agencies online thanks to our dedication to these goals, but we know that we can't rest on past accolades; current competition means that we always have to sharpen our techniques, stay up to date on the latest movements in search marketing, and continue to provide high returns of investment for your marketing dollar.

Why We Stand Out

Our approach to search marketing is that it needs to be a reflection of your company and its goals. If you need to reach a consumer that is aligned with a current product or campaign that you're putting out, then we need to make that connection for everything to flow properly. Every single search has the potential to deliver exactly what you're looking for, whether it's through social media, or through mobile-optimized content.

It's important to form a bridge between the client, and the public. SEM can form that bridge, but only when it's handled by a top marketing agency that has online marketing experience that you can rely on. When you've exhausted all of your other options, or when you want to get off on the right foot with your marketing campaign, you'll always come to the conclusion that you should trust your marketing with a company that has proven results. KONTOR is that company.

  • We evaluate demand for your product on search engines, because that's where we know where and how to make the most effective changes. If there currently isn't a lot of information trending about the keywords that you want to target, then we can make suggestions on how to structure the entire campaign to still net you the right results. All it takes is a keen eye for attention, and the experience of knowing how to affect the most change with the most reasonable investment.

  • Form campaigns with priorities, and budgets. It's not unreasonable to have a budget for anything, especially your marketing; you can't afford to throw money away on marketing that only delivers 20% of what it promises, and we can't afford to build a reputation on disappointed clients. From start to finish, we build SEM campaigns that fit within your budget, with benchmarks and goals that we communicate to you on a consistent basis. Your confidence in us is important.

  • We keep working. After the SEM campaign is put into place, we don't stop; we continue to measure the results, gather statistics, and watch everything happening live, and in real time. We do this because we know that the internet is a flow of information that can shift into one direction or another, and to have a successful campaign, you need to keep steering into the right path.

Our SEM services focus on organic results, positive online reputation management, and more. Talk with our SEM experts today to learn more about our plans and packages for companies of every size and industry.

Pay Per Click, Without the Headaches

With PPC marketing, we can provide your organization with the opportunity to pay for top positions with search engines and relevant websites in a way that delivers traffic on your budget. WE work by complimenting your existing internet marketing, including SEO and SEM, and by using strategies which have been successful with many different business models and organizations of different sizes. As a result, we allow you to develop your very own marketing strategy and mold that we can work with to yield greater results over time.

The actual work of PPC management focuses on finding the right keywords for paid search results, to net you direct results with consumers that are interested in making purchases. Far more targeted than SEO, PPC management may initially seem like it pulls in lower numbers, but it actually has very satisfying returns on investment because it leads to more sales conversions. Why? PPC targets consumers that want to make purchases of the products that you have to offer.

  • We know Google AdWords and we know that it can deliver results. PPC advertising can result in big traffic bumps when you work with Google, which is responsible for two thirds of all search results in the United States alone. AdWords is the go-to PPC advertising platform, and it can give your site the sort of visibility that you need for a solid return on your marketing investment.

  • We audit PPC campaigns, whether you want to work with us to build your PPC campaign from scratch, or you want us to take a look at how your current PPC campaign is performing. We can provide audits for the marketing methods involved, the current ROI, and where improvements can be made. The same experts that deal with creating PPC marketing are responsible for finding areas where it can be improved, which means that you'll get the services of our very best staff.

  • We monitor the campaign and manage budget goals, because you don't need to spend any more than necessary on your marketing, and we know that affordable marketing is what PPC is all about. To get the most eyes for the most reasonable amount of money, KONTOR works closely within your budgetary guidelines as it actively monitors and manages your PPC campaign. There won't be any surprise charges or fees through us.

KONTOR is one of the best SEO firms online, and our PPC management services are an extension of that same dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Work with us today by contacting our PPC team, so that we can give you a quote on our services or provide you with any answers you may need about why we're the best candidate for the job. We're an SEO agency that continues to deliver the best SEO and PPC results available, and once you've worked with us, you will find that we continue to provide clients with new reasons to not only choose us, but to stay with us as their site grows.