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reputation management

Reputation Management with Muscle

A strong aspect of online marketing is your reputation; with a solid reputation, consumers have less of a reason to want to work with you, much less be interested in the products or services that you have to offer, or the message that you want to communicate. You only need to see recent news and events regarding popular companies and their branding or reputation problems to know that the entire pursuit of reputation improvement, or repair, can eat time, money, and the good will of the market unless it's handled properly.

As a SEO firm, we're dedicated to providing a “whole web approach” to our services, which includes reputation management for clients who may need it, or who want to pre-emptively get their reputation off to the best start.

Put Your Best Foot Forward
Our reputation management services work, because:
  • We're professionals, and our content writers are professional writers as well. We utilize professional authors to write content, create press releases, edit or audit current content, study tone and effect on demographics, and more. We work with many different industries, and as a result, understand that companies may have their own reputation needs and considerations. We are as capable as we are flexible.

  • We continue to improve results even after we've made improvements or repairs to a reputation, because like marketing, reputation management is an ongoing task that requires proper attention to cultivate. Once we've repaired your reputation, we will monitor information and trends that are relevant to it, including the popularity of keywords, social media trends, and more. We take everything into account as we consider the right strategy moving forward.

  • We work closely with clients who may have a severely damaged reputation. Whether it's due to a poor business decision, or just a badly managed marketing campaign, mistakes can and do happen to every business. It's our job to make sure that we diagnose how that problem happened, and to work with clients to better manage their reputation online in the future as well. We can provide our own insight and consultation to companies that are interested in the “long term” of their reputation as well.

As with all of our services, our reputation management is affordable, especially when compared to the long term damage that an unmanaged, damaged reputation can cost. KONTOR is here to help businesses that may need to improve their current rep online, or who might have experienced a misstep and need to know what their next move should be to get back on point.

Our reputation management services also pair well with other marketing services that we provide, such as SEO, SEM, PPC, content strategies, and social media management. From start to finish, we can ensure that your entire online presence begins and stays on the best course for more traffic with consumers and an audience that has a positive reception to your company. Contact our Rep Management Team today, and find out how we can help.