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Lead Generation to Build On

At the core of KONTOR's lead generation service is our strength of online marketing, carefully built with the sort of care and commitment that can only come by being an experienced team of professionals at an agency with staying power. Our lead generation program works to keep sales funneling toward our clients, from real world consumers that have real world needs for products and services. We give our clients a superior edge in markets where competition can be high, and stakes can be even higher.

  • We bring together marketing experience, SEO, and more to get results. Some aspects of marketing, such as the technology and trends, can change, but what always remains the same is the proper practices of working with supply and demand. We can work on both the technological and the psychological sides of lead generation to get you the best results without ignoring one in favor of the other; while some SEO agencies may use math formulas and theories to get results, we combine the numbers with our own insight and experience to overcome challenges our competitors can't.

  • We track campaigns and provide ROI reports so that you know exactly what we're doing, how we're doing, and what we're doing next. Lead generation without knowing your ROI is like walking around in a dark room; it isn't a good idea. We provide illumination through our campaign tracking, which nets the numbers on exactly how many leads we're generating, our conversion rates, our sources of traffic, and which networks are providing the best bump in actual sales, as well as ROI reports that our clients can read with clear language and communication on our efforts.

  • We build structures that last, because even a huge improvement in lead generation can mean very little if it doesn't go the distance. You build your business on projections and sustained planning, and not just on speculation and current events. Your lead generation should be the same; we plan for short term improvements, but we work with long term goals and strategies that are meant to build your leads and sales now, six months from now, and even six years from now.

We use our own methods, technology, and resources to get lead generation that's effective and sustainable, and we do it all without compromising your company's reputation or its ability to do business in any market. We work closely with online marketing campaigns that you already have in place, or we can create brand new strategies from scratch that incorporate SEO and PPC strategies for even greater success.

Whether you're directly tied to online sales of products and services, or you need to generate more interest in real estate, local sales, and more, we've got the experience to match your needs, and the will to be your lead generation provider. Contact KONTOR to learn more about our lead generation services, and how we can tie them together with other packages that we offer to our clients.