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content strategy

Content Strategies that Work

The popular maxim of online marketing these days is, “Content is king,” but what does that mean for your business? It often comes down to the type of content that your site has to offer, the way that it's presented, and even details like your actual site's user interface. It's true that content is king, and that a great website can actually net you some serious results, but where do we begin when you need a content strategy that's effective?

  • The user experience matters. Whether you're a sports sight that just wants to deliver the latest news and entertainment to your readers, or you're a multinational airplane parts manufacturer, your users still expect, if not demand, an experience that only quality content can provide. Far from dry, dusty content and copy, we can provide content that is both entertaining to read and informative, all set in the right tone for your respective audience. We can work within your parameters to provide evolving content as well; new products and services are always on the horizon for companies on the move, and our content reflects that.

  • Brands that stand out are also important, and we know branding. Our experience in marketing as one of the best SEO firms online means that we know how important brands can be to companies, especially those that are just starting with online marketing. That's why our content strategies can focus on creating, enhancing, and repurposing brands for greater results. We push the right voice for your brand, and know exactly how to change brands to yield even better results over time.

  • Crafting content that your audience will respond to is also very important. Along with tone, the actual body of the content can be a direct reflection of who you are as a company, and why visitors should give you their time, money, or attention. That's why we focus on crafting content that is high quality and a solid reflection on your business.

  • Consultation on content can also be important if you're looking for ways to shake up your current results, or start heading into a different direction to net different demographics. With our consultation and content auditing services, we can look at what your site currently has to offer, from any potential social media content, to actual on-page product content. From images, to text, to videos and more, we will provide a thorough and thoughtful review and analysis on the elements that form your site, and your users' experiences.

We build content strategies from scratch, and we continue to improve them over time based on feedback. Because content strategies are also based on the real, human experience, far more than SEO, SEM, or PPC, it also means that even the best technology can't make up the difference between experienced marketers, and firms that don't have the skill to compete. At KONTOR, we've got over a century of combined work experience and success to bring to the table, and we use it for every content strategy we make.