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About us

  • Our mission is to provide cost effective business support, and task management solutions, to businesses and entrepreneurs that want to minimize their clerical work, and maximize their sales. We deliver fast, reliable, and convenient service, all backed by professionalism and integrity.

  • Our team consists of many professionals from many different backgrounds, from online technology, to marketing and sales, to public relations, to social media management. Our diversity of skill and experience means that we can tackle a wide variety of different challenges and situations for a wide variety of clients.

  • Our success is built on the positive work that we do for our clients, and is measured by our client retention rates. We're progressive, flexible, and willing to work with many different online marketing and web design needs that each and every client has.

Our services include:
  • SEO

    Search engine optimization, built from the ground up to provide great results. We know that SEO can be highly effective toward generating traffic for your site, and we know that the search market itself is always changing. We adapt and grow along with it.

  • PPC

    Targeting, paid marketing is also very important, because it helps you to reach customers that are interested in being converted into sales. That's a strong way to build a business, and in the right hands, it can give you one of the best returns on your marketing investment.

  • SEM

    Our total search engine marketing services incorporate many of our other marketing services to provide clients with a holistic, organic approach to online leads and interest. We look at the entirety of a search presence, audit sites, and provide consultation on ongoing search campaigns.

  • Web Design

    Design your website for the right audience, and you will get even better results. Our web design team works with new and existing web sites to provide comprehensive design and auditing services that improve security, search engine feedback, and user experiences.

  • Social Media Management

    Social media networks are big, and they're only getting bigger. Not having professional social media management is a mistake, which is why KONTOR can work with businesses at any level of commerce to provide the right direction for your online reputation and consumer engagement.

  • Reputation Management

    Managing a reputation online required dedication and patience, and that's what KONTOR provides. We look at your current reputation, how we can improve it, and where you want it to be. We work with reputations that need to be repaired, and with brand new companies who need to establish a strong brand.

  • Content Strategies

    “Content is king,” and we're kingmakers. We work to create content that is engaging with your readership, powerful for social media networks, and effective at building the sort of confidence required for a real business relationship. Whether you need content for newsletters to prospective partners, or you have a website that needs substance, our content strategies provide the right building blocks.

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